Shepard security

Stay safe and stay alert with Shepard Security

In today's world, where crime rates and security concerns are on the rise, private security services have become indispensable.

According to recent statistics, crime within the Wicklow area has increased by 60% in recent years, which is why there is no better time to examine the security measures you are currently undertaking for your home and business. Shepard Security Ltd is the leading private security company in Wicklow. With our expertise and dedication, our private security service can contribute significantly to crime prevention, asset protection, and overall safety.

Security Guards

Our professional security guards are the frontline protectors, ensuring a visible presence and acting as a deterrent to potential threats by conducting regular patrols, monitoring surveillance systems, and responding promptly to emergencies. Our professional security officers are all fully qualified and registered to ensure your peace of mind. Our security personnel can undertake scheduled or unscheduled patrols around your property to ensure there are unauthorised persons around or has access to the building.

Our security guards can also undertake CCTV monitoring, and if anything suspicious is witnessed, we will take the appropriate steps to secure your property.

Your safety is our priority

From the initial consultation stage, we will begin to assess your security requirements so that we can allocate the necessary required services and expertise. We have years of experience within the private security sector, and we offer complete flexibility on all our services which allows us to cater to your needs. Our security guards can conduct first aid, fire prevention, staff and vehicle searches, weighbridge operations and emergency response.

Reliable, affordable security solutions

Our key holding service is a fantastic option for those who do not wish to employ our services permanently. We will keep your keys safe in a secure location and should your alarm go off, we will investigate and take the next steps in accordance with what we find. Our key holding service eradicates the necessity for you to be disturbed unnecessarily and also the possibility of being confronted with someone who has ill intentions.


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