Empty Property Security

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Empty Property Security

Shepherd Security Ltd. provide professional empty property security inspections for commercial and residential clients based in South Dublin and Wicklow.

A vacant building is at greater risk of arson, theft and vandalism as well as property damage such as burst pipes or a leaking roof. In order to manage risk, Shepherd Security are available to carry out periodic empty property inspections.

In the event of damage or a security breach, we can respond to alarms and get in contact with third-party contractors to repair any damage. Any instances of criminal activity will also be reported to the authorities.

Ensure your vacant building is free from damage caused by criminal activity and other sources

Empty Property Security During COVID-19

Many businesses and properties have been sitting idle as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Businesses that are deemed to provide non-essential services have been required to close temporarily and work remotely where possible.

We understand that every business is unique and requires differing levels of surveillance and monitoring. Shepherd Security Ltd. coordinate vacant property inspections for clients throughout South Dublin and Wicklow to provide peace of mind to business owners and property holders.

Our empty building security inspection team offer a physical presence and act as a deterrent for criminal activity while also checking for any common property damage.

Trust us to provide a professional empty property security inspection for your building